Hibiscus adds tropical beauty to Chicago-area gardens

Surprise! What are those spectacular pink, red and white flowers, the size of salad plates, unfolding in the late summer garden? Don’t they belong on a balmy Pacific island?

Those are the blooms of rose mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos). “It gives your yard a tropical air,” says Joseph Rothleutner, tree and shrub breeder at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle. To complete the Tiki illusion, he says, try combining rose mallow with plants that have large leaves, such as hostas, or palmlike foliage, such as Prairie Flame shining sumac or Tiger Eyes cutleaf staghorn sumac.

Exotic looking as it is, rose mallow is hardy in Chicago. In fact, it’s a native plant, growing in wetlands in the eastern United States and north into Canada. (That’s why it tolerates even wet soil in the garden.) Today, there are many cultivars of H. moscheutosand hardy hibiscus hybrids that include it in their ancestry.


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Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Practical Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle
You don’t need to be a professional athlete or nutraceutical scientist to understand why living a healthy lifestyle is so important in today’s society.  People are busier than ever.  A full night’s sleep seems harder to come by.  The food supply has been riddled with chemicals, GMO ingredients, preservatives, and other non-natural compounds.  Even the air we breathe is being compromised by a long list of potentially toxic elements.  So how, you might be asking, is a person supposed to live well in a world that has the cards stacked against them?

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How You Can Buy Sports Clothes

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Fan Gear For Sports Fans

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